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Throughout the lifespan of the BNCP Project, a series of activities were organized and implemented with the purpose of developing and enhancing organizational capabilities as well as personal and professional skills and traits of individuals.


The main such activities con be summed up as:

- four Transnational Project Meetings in Romania (2), Italy(1) and Cyprus(1)

- three short term joint staff Learning, Teaching, Training activities in Romania (1), Italy (1) and Cyprus (1)  

- three Multiplier Conferences in Romania (1), Italy (1) and Cyprus (1) 


These activities alongside other smaller scale activities that took place during the implementation period of the BNCP project created the premises for:

  • improved management skills and internationalization strategies 

  • improved knowledge and skills regarding a variety of subjects such as: communication, psychology, sociology, organizational culture, specific medical communication protocols, personal safety, conflict resolution, etc.

  • transfer of knowledge, know-how and multidisciplinary skills

  • improved foreign language and digital competences 

  • increased openness to synergies between organizations or individuals

  • increased interest in E+ opportunities 

  • enhanced intercultural awareness 

  • enhanced awareness of EU values and opportunities



All the activities of the project translated into an expansion of professional horizons, better collaboration practices, improved language skills, improved knowledge regarding diversity and multicultural factors and a significant increase in specific knowledge, abilities and competencies not only regarding bad news communication protocols in the medical field but also in disciplines such as psychology, sociology, communication, etc. All the activities that consortium members have attended or been part of have created premises for valuable exchanges of information and good practices thus directly impacting the professional capabilities of those involved.

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